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How to Get Ranked Higher on Google in 2022

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There are a lot of people that are trying to help you get ranked higher on Google and other search engines. If you have the right domain name, search engines will find you.

If your domain name is not available you should not create one. For example, if your domain name is J close id dynamite passages dot com you should not create it. You should create a domain like J clarklyn road dynamite passages dot com. Unfortunately, J close id dynamite passage dot com is not available so you will have to try a new domain name.

The next step is to get a lot of back links to your site. You can get back links by writing articles and putting your link in the article. Then you can publish your article on any blog that is not a cash site and put a link back to your site. Just submit your article to any article directory and put a link in the article to your site. Then watch your site get ranked higher in the search engines. I use Articlemarketer for my writing. They have free services. Once you get your article published on other sites with links back to your site, you will get a lot of traffic to your site.

When you use the article option, you will get back links to your site in the author resource box. The resource box is the part inviting people to your site. Many directories allow people to leave a link to their site in their author resource box. When people are interested in your site, they will click on your link. Just let your directories know that you are interested in them.

You can write your own articles or have someone write them for you. Then you can post them on your site. Articles make a better record than press releases. It is easier for people to remember what you wrote than what you heard.

The best bang for your buck, if you are starting a new site, is to use article writing and submitting. If you have a existing site, you can use the article option to add new content and get people already familiar with your site to sign up to your newsletter and/or becoming a member.

Try to write compelling information in your articles. People would be more likely to click on your link if they found the article relevant to their web search. Having keywords in your article make it more relevant. This means that you can get ranked higher in the search engines and land your site on the first page of Google.

Be sure to include your main keyword phrase in your article title and begin the first sentence with the keyword phrase. Your keywords should be spread throughout the article. If you have a list of keywords for your article, you should utilize those in your article as well.

A couple of tips for keyword density. You want to have your keyword phrase showed up everyplace that a search engine will find to match your keyword. That includes the title, first sentence, last sentence, and about once for every 100 words.

You don’t want to stuff your article with your keyword phrase. Search engines will skip over your site and read the article instead.

Even if you place your keyword phrase in the title, it’s best to let them know that you are doing an article and not a blog post.

Have a friend write an article for you that complements your site. This is great for helping you to get your site off the ground and keep you focused on doing business. Promote your site in the article to get readers interested enough to click on your link.

Use an article spinning service. has many spinning services that place your articles and blogs all over the Internet.

You can find them at You can get your links on other people’s sites sometimes if you allow them to.

Allowing other people to spin your articles for you is the best way to get links. It will get your name out there and cause your articles to get spun. Search engines will see that your links were submitted by others and give you credit for them.

Once you have your articles and blogs spidered, you can submit them to directories. Several sites list the top 50 or so directories that accept free submissions. You can send your submissions to these directories and then use the directory submission tool to submit to the top 100 or so.

Submitting to more than one 100 directories can be a daunting task. Doing a directory submission every day can get extremely time consuming.

This task can be made much easier by using directory submission software. Good software will quickly submit your site to the hundreds of free directories and ezines. There are many such directories and ezines on the Internet.

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