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How to Drive traffic to your website

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There are many ways to get a good number of visitors to start blogging, and this is the most popular method for getting traffic online. If you have just started to start your own blog and also have a website, you are going to need a few things to get started with your blog, so let’s look at the idea of getting traffic to your blog…

You will need as many one way backlinks from other blogs that are related to yours. One way backlinks are simply links that are directed back to your website. The more related one way backlinks you have, the “better” your web page will be seen by the search engines, and will hold more weight in the search engine ranking placement.

So how do you get these one way backlinks? Start visiting forums, and blogs related to your topic, and post comments with your link in your signature. Also use the link in your posts to get visitors to your blog. You can write articles and post them in ezines that distribute the articles to various online pages. There are many article directories that you can submit your articles, and post a direct link to your blog or website as well.

Next, you need to consensus on a keyword for your blog.Use this optimized keyword in the title of your blog.This is important, the search engines need to see that your blog specifically is focused on that keyword. If you use general keywords in your blog, as well as the keyword in the title, the search engines will think your blog is more of an advice blog than it is specific to your website. So make sure your keyword is in the title of your blog and in the posts as well.

Participate in other people’s blogs.Join a couple of forums related to your topic and add a useful comment on the main articles or posts. Be sure to include a link to your blog or website in the signature area.

It takes some time to build up a presence on the web, but once you have these tips in place, your results will increase greatly!

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